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Bessacarr MOT & Servicing – Your Fiat Bessacarr

For innovative modern caravan designs combined with high-quality attention to detail, you can’t go past the impressive range available from Bessacarr. Famous for its excellent built quality, stylish modern interiors, and impressive-looking exteriors, Bessacarr offers the best in both construction and design. Here at AVT, we offer caravan servicing and MOT tests for all Bessacarr vehicles. Take a look at some of our caravan repair and MOT services below.

Bessacarr Caravan MOT

It is recommended that you schedule an MOT test once a year to keep your Bessacarr caravan roadworthy. At our fully equipped AVT facility at Earls Colne, we provide MOT tests for caravans that are both accurate and affordable. You simply need to schedule an appointment with us, drop off your Bessacarr caravan, and we will take care of the rest. Once we have completed a full MOT test on your caravan, we will return it to you.

Bessacarr Servicing

Every vehicle requires service at some point, whether due to mileage or as part of an annual maintenance plan. For all Bessacarr caravan repairs and maintenance, AVT offers comprehensive and rigorous servicing. No matter how often you use your caravan or if you live in one full-time, our professional services ensure that all systems are in optimum working order to maintain maximum safety and comfort. With our skilled team of specialists, we provide Bessacarr maintenance across Essex.

Unique features of a Bessacarr Motorhome

Bessacarr caravans offer a variety of models, from the two berth 495 to the four-berth 850. There are six models available offering different configurations and interior sizes. All models feature three features unique to Bessacarr caravans: SMART 3 Construction, Swift Command and Swift Connect. SMART 3 technology incorporates the attributes of being Strong, Modern, Aerodynamic, Resilient and Tested. Swift Command allows you to monitor and adjust system levels within your caravans such as water, temperature, and alarms. Finally, Swift Connect offers you access to information and updates 24/7 wherever you are located.

Your caravan is in good hands with AVT.

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What is the recommended servicing frequency?

To ensure that caravans are roadworthy, they should undergo an annual MOT test. You should service your vehicle every few months, once a year, or after you have travelled a certain distance based on your odometer. During these routine maintenance checks, any brake, battery, or clutch faults can be detected and corrected.

What are recommended services for Bessacarr owners?

When investing in a Bessacarr caravan, you want to ensure that it is roadworthy for many years. It is therefore recommended that you get your Bessacarr caravan servicing performed regularly. Having a knowledgeable and competent crew will ensure that your roller crew vehicle is serviced correctly, maintained, and repaired. As well as repairs, we can inspect brakes, clutches, and batteries, conduct MOTs, and perform general maintenance.

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