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Ford Dethleffs Motorhome MOT & Servicing

When it comes to luxury motorhome designs, there is no better choice than Ford Dethleffs’ top-of-the-line models. The Ford name is known throughout the automotive industry for its cutting-edge engine performance, durability, and reliable driving. When combined with Dethleffs’ high-quality workmanship, you have the ideal choice for comfort, safety, and dependability in a motorhome. As a leading Ford motorhome specialist, All Van Truck Hire offers Ford RV repair, maintenance, servicing, and MOT inspections. Below are some of the Ford RV repair and service options we offer.

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Ford Dethleffs MOT

It is recommended that you schedule an MOT examination for your Ford Dethleff motorhome once a year in order to keep it operating reliably. With our fully equipped Earls Colne site, All Van Truck Hire can offer precise and affordable motorhome MOT testing. Our service will take care of everything for you; all you have to do is make an appointment and bring your Ford Dethleff motorhome in to us. As soon as your RV has undergone an exhaustive MOT test, it will be delivered back to you.

Ford Dethleffs Servicing

There comes a time when every car needs servicing, whether it’s due to mileage or routine maintenance. Our dedicated team of technicians will provide a thorough, rigorous repair and maintenance for all Ford Dethleffs. Whatever the frequency of your motorhome usage or whether you live in one full-time, the experienced service team will make sure that all systems are operating efficiently and safely. We offer Ford Dethleff maintenance throughout Essex with the help of our qualified team.

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Unique features of a Ford Dethleff Motorhome

Designed and manufactured with German precision, Ford Dethleff motorhomes have been a favourite choice for holidaymakers for almost a century. Ford Dethleff offer a range of models suitable for any style or budget, from the cosy comfort of the Glbebus and the simplicity of Just Camp and Just Go, to the premium first-class luxury of Espirit, Alpa and Globetrotter models. With ergonomically designed seating, spacious living and sleeping areas along with modern luxuries including bathroom and cooking facilities, the Ford Dethleff range has everything you need for your next outdoor adventure.

Recommended services for Ford Dethleff owners

In order to enjoy your Ford Dethleff motorhome for many years to come, you need to make sure that it is safe to drive. Therefore, it is important that your Ford Dethleff motorhome receives regular maintenance. You can be confident that your Ford Dethleff vehicle is properly maintained, serviced, and repaired by one of our knowledgeable and professional technicians. Along with Ford RV repairs, we also offer basic maintenance, MOTs, brake tests, clutch tests, and battery tests.

Suggested Service Frequency

To ensure that motorhomes are safe to drive on the road, they should undergo an annual MOT test. Depending on your odometer, maintenance should be performed every few months or once a year. During routine maintenance inspections, any problems with brakes, batteries, or clutches can be detected and fixed.

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